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19. 10. 2006
If my time on earth was over then the last thing I would do
Is to pray to Good and just thank him for blessing me with you
What did you for me was a miracle every word you said was true
You were always there and protected me this song goes out to you

Mama,I never meant to make you cry
Mama,forgive for the times I´ve hurt you
Mama,if I could only turn back time
My life would be complete

In my darkest times you´re my shineing light I can always count on you
You werw there for me when I couldn´t see and helped me make it through
Remebre when I was just a little cild all the things we used to do
I will cherish all of the memories that´s why I sing this song to you


How am I to make it through the night?
How am I to live my life when you´re not here by my side?
Mama you´re the reason why I become a better man
Every word you said was true and I´ll make it up to you

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